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We are a media production company based in Raleigh, North Carolina; providing artists, businesses, and everyday people alike with high-quality media solutions in photo, video, and graphic design formats. If you are someone looking to market and brand either yourself or a business then you have come to the right place. We are always looking for clients that want to build a relationship and grow with us as our company continues to reach new heights in the quality of our work. We may be young to the industry but our team has a veteran mindset; were in this for the long run, and we don't ever plan on stopping or slowing down till the job is done. We have passion and pride for what we do; as long as there are passionate and creative people that want to take advantage of the present in order to create a future envisioned from their present, our company will continue to transcend time in our journey to learn and create.



  • How much do you charge for a project?

Every shoot is different, we calculate the price for a shoot based on a number of factors including: time, location, and expenses needed for the production. We promise we will try our best to work with whatever budget you have, and to always give you high quality work at a fair and honest price.

  • What are you capable of shooting?  

Our company has worked on a variety of projects such as: weddings, music videos, charity events, concerts, and commercials. We specialize in business marketing and entertainment production but we are open to try anything new!  ​​

  • Where are you capable of shooting?

We are currently based in Raleigh, North Carolina but have traveled to both ends of the state to shoot for projects. We are willing to go even farther out for work as long as transportation fees are paid for. 

If you have any questions about our services feel free to contact us!

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